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It is the Ultimate Liquid Asset


Over the past couple of years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the commodity market, especially in Gold Bullion and SILVER values. In times of economic uncertainty, the value of precious metals increase as the value of the dollar decreases. Gold Bullion is a safe place to invest your money while stocks and bonds are looking for a stable position As one analyst said, "gold is unquestionably the best hedge against a declining dollar and the resulting inflation," said Peter Grant, a senior metals analyst at USA GOLD-Centennial Precious metals.

Return on investment Gold Bullion 

Gold has increased 122% since 2007

Ending Price Increase Percent Period
01/01/02 $276.50      
01/01/03 $347.00 $ 70.00  20.2%  YR
01/01/04 $417.00 $ 70.00  16.8%  YR
01/01/05 $435.00 $ 18.00   4.1%  YR
01/01/06 $513.00 $ 78.00  15.2%  YR
01/01/07 $635.70 $122.00  19.2%  YR
01/01/08 $836.50 $201.00   32%  YR
01/01/09 $874.50 $5.00   .6%  YR
01/01/10 $1101.50 $260.00   31%  YR
01/01/11 $1388.50 $287.00   26%  YR

However, in spite of traditional investment strategies, Gold Bullion and Silver as well as other precious metals have created a safe and profitable investment. Silver and Gold Bullion have had a greater return over the last few years than the stock and bond markets giving investors double digit returns (ROI).

****Gold broke through the $1000 resistance on March 24, 2008

As a result of this appreciation, gold coin collectors have combined their hobby of collecting US Gold Coins, have enjoying their pursuits from a financial, Numismatic and artistic perspective.

Since US Silver and Gold Coins are not the only method of investing in Gold, I will cover the other precious metals investment vehicles as well.


Although Gold bars appear a few dollars cheaper than gold coins, they are far more costly in the long run. American Eagles, although they buy and sell at a small premium over bars, are the best-selling gold bullion investment in America.

I would suggest investing in 1/10 oz gold eagles.


U.S. Gold Bullion is available in many different mediums including









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Rare Coins US GOLD Coins  Under this grouping we will look at rare Gold Coins                    


Foreign Gold Bullion and GOLD COINS




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Gold Bullion Charts

Kitco's 24 hour Gold Bullion Page has the most popular gold price chart on the internet - updated in real time. In a volatile market, traffic to this precious metals page jumps.

         Price Gold Bullion for last 30 days                  Price Gold Bullion for 1 Year

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US Dollar Cris VS Gold Bullion

The charts above are real time and represent the facts now.

From these charts we can see the value of the dollar going from 1.25 to .75, while the price of Gold has increased from $276 to over $900. Silver Bullion has shown a even better return than Gold Bullion.(see charts and comments on silver page) I know I am repeating my self, however I think it needs repeating, if you had 1000 dollar bills, they now have the buying power of $750 while  if you purchased Gold Bullion for $1000 you would have bought 3.62 ounces of Gold now worth over $900 per ounce or $3258 dollars with the buying power of .75 which translates to 2443.50.

With the $1.4 Trillion bailout, of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac together with failing stock institutions (Lehman etc) and WAMU banks 12 this year 4 last year and expected to grow to over 100) the dollar looks like a sinking ship.

The problem is not over, we are still facing unprecedented forclosures, more financial institutions going under, large dept stores closing branches or going out of business, and large corporations filling bankruptcy, this problem is not going away soon. At least put some percent of your savings in gold or silver (I prefer silver due to its past performance).(opinion)


(NOTE: Our naional debt will go $11 Trillion Dollars)






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